Sustainability Training

Creating leaders for the Planet

Creating leaders that

generate positive impact for their company,

people & planet.

Creating leaders that generate positive impact for their company, people & planet.

Sustainability Training

Do you want to be part of the group of companies and executives that are leading the change?

B Corp Leader

Ambassador of a sustainable future. B Corp is a global movement with more than 4.300 certified companies worldwide, with more than 100 of them in Spain. It is also a community of global leaders that use the strength of the private sector as an engine of change in order to generate positive impact on people and the planet. We help you to become a part of this community and become BCORP, a company with purpose.

In-house training

The companies of the future will be sustainable or will not be. Your Chief Sustainability Officer trains businesses and institutions in Sustainability, SDGs and ESG so that they can face the necessary transformation for change. We facilitate strategies and skills that generate profitability and positive impact on the environment, the people and the market where our customers operate.

jose carlos EDEM

ESG and Sustainability Professor

We develop and teach courses and workshops on Sustainability, Reporting, ESG CSR in prestigious educational institutions that have a true and bold commitment with business sustainability. This training for change is specially directed to executives that want to lead the change and renovation that the society and the market are demanding.

make a positive change

Everything that we do has a positive impact in people and the planet. Discover how can we transform your company together into a triple positive impact business model #economic#social#environmental

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